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Bring your vision to life. Find the design and build guidance that's right for you. 



How much? $75 to $300
How long? Up to two hours of instruction and experiential learning, including tasting, nutrition and cooking tips.
How many? A maximum of 20 people 
When? Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter 
What else? You'll also gain a practical PDF and a complimentary gift to take on your garden journey.

DO YOU OWN A GARDEN OR CULINARY BUSINESS? Consider collaborating with Flora & Gardens Design on a workshop tailored to your customers or clients.

NEED TEAM-BUILDING OPTION? Flora & Gardens Design workshops offer an ideal way to gather outdoors, connect, and learn something new.

WANT TO BRING A GROUP OF FRIENDS TOGETHER? Treat everyone or go in on a workshop together. Pair a Flora & Gardens Design workshop with a celebratory meal or snack outdoors. Make memories while sharing inspiration for your dream garden. 

KITCHEN GARDEN FROM SCRATCH: Want to walk outdoors and supplement your dinner with heart-healthy herbs, greens, roots and fruits? Get ready for step-by-step instruction. As you consider what you want to plant, you'll learn why raised beds work, how to locate your garden for maximum potential, and how to weave design principles into your planning.  

ALL ABOUT THE HERB GARDEN: Tired of buying a bag of herbs at the store, only to use a tiny bit and then throw the rest away? Why not grow your own? This workshop delves into the fragrant world of herbs. By the end, you'll be ready to marry form and function with the herbs you use most and expand your culinary horizons with some future favorites. 

SATISFY THE HUNGRY SALAD GARDENER: Spicy, nutty, sweet, with infinite options for variety texture, color, and nutrition. Who can resist nature's most delicious starter or main? This workshop sets you up to skip the store, the plastics, the refrigerator space and step outside to gather your renewable feast.