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We all want to enjoy more simple moments outdoors. Together, we'll make it happen.


Fernanda Vuilleumier  

The simplest moments fill us up. When I think of my childhood, I remember sitting under a lemon tree. Holding the bright-as-sun fruit, I peeled it and ate it with salt.  

This memory brings back the essence of weekends spent at my grandfather's house in Chapala, Jalisco Mexico. My family was busy. This was our time to join together outside, tending my grandfather's many plants from natives to exotics.

I didn't realize it then, but now I understand that my grandfather taught me one of life's greatest lessons—how to enjoy simple moments outdoors. 

When I grew up and launched my career, I took that deep knowledge with me. With many family members working in architecture, design and construction, I gravitated toward a career in the A&E sector. After getting a degree in architecture and moving to San Francisco, I earned my master's degree in architecture with an emphasis on design at the California College of the Arts.

In the years that followed, work and life took me to Guadalajara, Mexico; Patagonia, Chile; San Diego and Portland. I received awards for a subsidized housing project and a post-disaster shelter. My work with residential and commercial clients gained accolades and appeared in home magazines and the book 150 Best Sustainable House Ideas (

Eventually, the year 2020 arrived. Like it did for all of us, this year changed me. As I struggled to make sense of a world disrupted, I found joy and solace in my garden. 

As I put down roots in Texas, I seek to bring that richness of experience to my clients, whether local or far away. Along with design and architectural experience, I bring myself. May our work together help you know better what it means to sit and enjoy the fruits of life outdoors, either in solitude or among your friends and family. 




Flora & gardens design 

Based in Spring Branch, Texas, Flora & Gardens Design offers architecture and design-build skills to bring dream culinary and kitchen gardens to life, locally, nationally, and internationally. Our design focus? To weave together georgeous outdoor living spaces with edible outdoor experiences.


What makes for good design? When we put relationships first, our vision expands. We see and understand other points of view and make critical connections between beauty, form and function. 

In this way, we become partners in growth, honoring community and making our outdoor spaces and experiences as nourishing as possible.